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Turmeric For Cancer Prevention – Does it Really Slow Or Stop Cancer and How Much Should You Take?

A remarkable scientific confirmation was made last year when researchers looked to see if turmeric for cancer prevention made any difference.

It did!

The research, at the University of Alabama, showed that when mice were fed turmeric for cancer prevention, the production of the MDM2 cancer protein dropped. The remarkable effect of this is that this triggered an ‘attack’ on prostate cancer cells. Those cells died.

The researchers kept working on this and found a remarkable number of similar effects on cancer cells at the three main stages of cancer growth: induction, growth and metastasis (eCAM 2007;4:181). In other words, giving these mice turmeric for cancer prevention did indeed seem to do exactly that. It prevented the formation of cancer, slowed down the growth of cancer cells, and smothered the spread of cancer cells.

So impressive was this research, and other findings by scientists working on similar projects, that there are currently six or seven trials on humans to study the effect of turmeric on cancer prevention, cystic fibrosis, chronic psoriasis, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.

This is an impressive body of study and the findings are very encouraging. But there is even more, because evidence is coming out of other laboratories and studies of animals which strongly suggests that the curcumin in turmeric — the vital, healing component of this traditional Indian plant — has the potential to treat breast cancer, cancer of the skin and also cancer of the colon.

More study and work on humans is needed. But at this point it does seem that using turmeric for cancer prevention will become increasingly mainstream.

But just before you rush off to buy a supplement that has turmeric in it, let me tell you how to find the best turmeric-enriched supplements.

You need to look for the concentration of curcumin in turmeric. It is curcumin that does the healing work and researchers have found how to concentrate it in a sample of turmeric powder. The best supplements will tell you exactly how concentrated curcumin is in their products, and you should look for the maximum — which is 90 to 95 percent concentration.

So, as you search for a way to take turmeric, for cancer prevention, consider looking for a supplement that has a good concentration of curcumin plus a range of other natural ingredients which will bolster your immune system and support your health. My own web site has some idea and suggestions about this, so you might like to begin to look from there. But as you search for turmeric, for cancer prevention, remember to aim for that curcumin concentrated variety.

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